First All CLEAR Set from AFX

Two new cars on new chassis - and more!

The Ford GT40 and Chaparral 2D fight it out again as they did at Le Mans in 1966. The new Super Coupes set features these two classics mounted on the new Mega-G 1.5 chassis to make tons of fun in a small package.

Other firsts include silver guardrails and a CLEAR version of the famous Ken Miles #1 GT40 MkII. This unique car will only be available in this set and will not be sold separately.

On Friday, 3/20/20, the Governor of Nevada clarified the definition on non-essential businesses that are to close. With this clarification, Racemasters, Inc. will be able to fill orders.
However, we will be changing our staff schedules to continue supporting the goals set to combat the Coronavirus. This change may cause minor delays (3 to 4 days) in processing.
As important as slot cars are, you are more important. Our thoughts are with you and your families. Take care and stay tough!