Look Out – New Stuff is Comin’!!

Get ready for cool set upgrades first . . .

This is going to be a big year for new products. And the sets are coming first!

In the next 3 weeks, we get the new Giant, Big Block Battler, and Infinity sets. All with Tri-Power Packs!! And the Giant gets Mega-G cars to boot!

You’ll notice a new look for the boxes, too. Cool and black and a lot like the new Super International and Super Coupes. Here’s a sneak peak as a teaser.

All the details and photos will be up in the next week to 10 days. Stay tuned!

On Friday, 3/20/20, the Governor of Nevada clarified the definition on non-essential businesses that are to close. With this clarification, Racemasters, Inc. will be able to fill orders.
However, we will be changing our staff schedules to continue supporting the goals set to combat the Coronavirus. This change may cause minor delays (3 to 4 days) in processing.
As important as slot cars are, you are more important. Our thoughts are with you and your families. Take care and stay tough!