Race Control System Promo

The new AFX Race Control System is progressing but has been delayed by Covid-related issues and will now be available for sale by the end of August 2021. Sorry for the delay. But it will be well worth the wait! Please check back on this page after August 1 to get complete instructions on how to get one free year subscription to the AFX app that is at the heart of the AFX Race Control System. AFX App works on Apple and Android Phone. Race Control Center Product Features. Counts laps up to 999, times race up to 10 hours, times each lap to 1,000th of a second, shows who is in the lead, shows who has the faster lap time by lap, displays Racer's name and lane, displays race laps and estimated time, option to include pit stops, fireworks display at end of race, broadcast onto big-screen TV (with Google Chromecast) and much more to come.
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