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Performance Comparisons

Each type of car comes with its own unique set of skills. Power, resilience, speed, or a combination? Choose wisely…

Formula Car

The body shape and dimensions of the formula car lends itself to precision and speed. It’s front and rear wings serve as aerodynamic enhancements, making these cars lightning fast. Their real life counterparts are created using the second most advanced technology after fighter war planes. Add all that to its long wheelbase (1.7”) chassis and you’ve got a lean, mean, speeding machine.

Stocker Car

Stocker cars are the classic representation of all things Nascar: power and endurance. Shorter and a bit higher off the track than the other cars, Stockers can take a beating without blinking an eye. So, while every other car is taking curves too hot and flying off the track, stockers are screaming to the finish line. These devilish cars corner with abandon and make racing on any track layout nothing short of thrilling.

Muscle Car

Muscle cars can be described in one word: barbaric. The trademark roar of their engines can be recognized by all, young or old. After 50 years they are still haled as some of the highest powered cars around. From the Chevelle to the Mustang to the Camaro…these monsters race with brute force and style.

Ford GT40

The famous GT40s have gone down in history as some of the fastest, most resilient cars to cross the finish line. Their short wheelbase (1.5”) chassis gives them a fighting edge while their low lines and perfect curvature provide consistent, devastating speed. The endurance of the Stockers meets the speed of the Formulas in the unforgettable GT40.