1971 Aurora AFX Catalog

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Aurora AFX Model Motoring

The world’s number 1 HO racing line.


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A/FX! It stands for Aurora/Factory Experimentals. Cars so fast they leave the others sitting on the line. Cars that corner like nothing before. Cars with the feel of the real thing. A/FX… Aurora/Factory Experimentals. There’s nothing else in sight!

  • Dual wheelbase monococque chassis
  • “Superfat” sponge race tires
  • Radially oriented magnets
  • 75% Silver commutator brushes
  • Lightweight silver plated pickup shoes
  • Independently rotating front wheels.
  • “Snap In” top gear plate
  • “Snap On” painted body shells
  • High performance gear ratio
  • Super detailed plated “Mag” wheels
  • Self lubricating Nylatron chassis
  • Steel front axle
  • Low road hugging center of gravity


No. 1751 A/FX Ferrari Can Am 612
No. 1758 A/FX ’71 Plymouth ‘Cuda Funny Car

No. 1752 A/FX Auto World McLaren XLR
No. 1755 A/FX “Turbo Turnon”
No. 1754 A/FX “Too Much”
No. 1760 A/FX ’57 Chevy “Nomad”
No. 1759 A/FX ’71 Vega Van “Gasser”
No. 1753 A/FX Dodge Daytona Charger
No. 1756 A/FX Trans Am Camaro Z-28
No. 1757 A/FX Porsche 917

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“SAND VAN” Race Set


Two customized “Sand Van” Dune Buggies roar flat-out across the desert and fly high over the dunes. OVER 9 FEET OF BAJA COLORED track with two dramatic dunes for extra driving action. Add a husky UL power pack, two Color-Key Racing Speed Control, strong solid Trestles, and lots of snap-on Guard Rail and you’ve got the most exciting starter set in history. The “SAND VAN” Race Set—
more than just a beginning.

Retail Value—$30.50
Carton Pack—1/3 doz.
Carton Weight—21 lbs.
Layout Size—34″ x 60″



Two red hot A/FX High Performance cars on a two level course with OVER 16 FEET OF TRACK. Plus even more action on the teeth-jarring wiggle section and the dangerous double cross. All this backed with two Pro-Styled A/FX-Russkit Trigger-Action Speed Controllers, a full Power Pack, steady bridge supports, and racing flags for the final touch. Aurora’s A/FX “CALIFORNIA OVAL” Race Set… It’s with it!

Retail Value—$37.05
Carton Pack—1/3 doz.
Carton Weight—27 lbs.
Layout Size—36″ x 46″

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