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Daytona Coupe #6 Amon- CLEAR

This page is for reference only. This product has been discontinued and is no longer available.

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These incredible cars feature CLEAR windshields and detailed interiors to add extraordinary realism to your race.

The windshields are made by molding the entire body in clear material and painting around them, so no more separate bulky or glued-in parts. Inside the car you’ll find realistic detail in the 3D color-printed seats, spare tires, and carburetors, and more!


Mega G Chassis

The Mega G chassis set a new standard for performance at its inception in 2007. Lower and narrower than any chassis before or since, HO bodies could finally look realistic.

With up to 8 color graphics and unprecedented detail, the Mega G dons visually stunning, show-stopping realism. The Mega G is 30% lighter than the competition with the lowest center of gravity ever seen, making it nimble and blindingly fast.

Looks and personality.  What more could you possibly want?



Mega G Features

  • Weight: Up to 30% lighter than any other HO chassis
  • Wheelbase: Narrower, longer chassis for more realistic bodies
  • Pick-Up Shoes: High conductivity phosphor bronze gets more power to the motor
  • Center of gravity: Lowest of all competitors to corner with confidence
  • Guide Pin: AFX Exclusive Extra-long tapered guide pin keeps the car on track longer
  • Ground Effects Magnets: Level 30 Neodymium – Stays glued to the track
  • Chassis Material: Unique monocoque Nylatron chassis is lighter, stronger and more flexible than all competitors
  • Precision Balanced Armature: Revs to the moon – reliably!
  • Motor Magnets: AFX Exclusive Polymer magnets are up to 20% more powerful than larger ceramic magnets


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Daytona Coupe History

The First American GT To Win The World Manufacturers Championship

Designed by Pete Brock and regarded by many as one of the most beautiful race cars ever built, Carrol Shelby’s Daytona Coupe was a watershed racing car for America and set the stage for the GT40 and an era of American domination of international endurance racing.

In this livery, the car competed at the 24 Hours of Le Mans for the first time. And though it did not finish, it led the GT class for the first 10 hours providing a clear shot across the bow to the other teams to get ready for the domination to come.

The #6 Daytona Coupe has a long and storied past. Chassis #CSX2287 was the very first coupe made and the only one built entirely at the Shelby American Shop in Venice, California. All of the remaining 5 coupes were built in Italy because Shelby was too busy with other projects. The car competed in 9 races winning the GT class in only its second outing at Sebring in 1964 driven by Dave MacDonald and Bob Holbert. Later that same year it led Le Mans in this livery for 10 hours before being disqualified for an illegal jump start. The car’s last performance before being retired was to set 25 Land Speed Records at Bonneville with Craig Breedlove at the wheel.

For all the history made in this car, Shelby was going to scrap it when Jim Russell learned of the car’s fate. He proposed that his company, Russkit, buy it and use it for publicity. At the time Russkit was sponsoring Ken Miles and Scooter Patrick in the CSPRRC Championship and Russell was going to many of the races. Russell bought the car for less than $4,000, re-did the interior and licensed it for the street. For the next year, it was driven on parade laps at many major races and occasionally driven back and forth to work.

Eventually, the car was sold to music producer Phil Spector for $12,500. Then in a bizarre twist, the car went missing for over 30 years before turning up in a 40’ container following the suicide of its owner. Shortly afterward it was sold for a rumored $4,500,000. The entire story is too long to be told here but would make a terrific major motion picture.

When Russell heard about the discovery of the car he called Shelby and Pete Brock to chat about the car and relive some good old times. From the conversation, he came up with the idea to create the AFX Collector Series using the Coupe as the first model in a series. Shelby agreed and the rest, as they say, is history.

Checkout the Shelby American Museum website. At their terrific location in Boulder, Colorado they house the famous chassis CSX2299 and the “not exactly” Willment Cobra Coupe. On the site, you can find a number of excellent photos of these fully restored and pristine race cars along with additional history.


Cobra Daytona Coupe #6 Drivers: Chris Amon /Jochen Neerspasch

This car was fielded at the 1964 Le Mans 24 Hours by the American sportsman, Briggs Cunningham. Though he was an accomplished driver himself, Cunningham wanted to give the car the best chance for success and so picked New Zealander, Chris Amon, and German, Jochen Neerspasch. Both were young up-and-comers but very fast and very highly regarded.

Amon’s speed was consistently thwarted by his awful luck. In fact, Mario Andretti was heard to joke that his luck was so bad that “if he became an undertaker, people would stop dying”. Unfortunately, this was true at this race and the car was disqualified for receiving an illegal jump start when it died while on a pit stop. At the time the car had been leading the GT class for the first 10 hours and looked set to win.

Amon would go on to win Le Mans two years later driving with Bruce McLaren in the #2 Ford GT40.

The ’64 Le Mans race was Neerspasch’s first major race and while he would go on to win Daytona and race for many years in Formula One, he achieved much more as a team and business manager than as a driver. Among his many accomplishments, Jochen founded BMW’s M team and company; ran the Mercedes-Sauber team that won Le Mans in 1989 and discovered and trained Michael Schumacher.

If you want to get the whole story on what happened to the “Lost Coupe” read this: CLICK HERE for Car and Driver Article


Collector Series Packaging

Each Collector Series Car package has a 9 digit code showing the time of production and the incremental number within the production run. For example: 1107-00001 means it was produced in the 11th month of 2007 and was the first package in the run.

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