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An AFX Exclusive and HO First…

These incredible cars feature CLEAR windshields and detailed interiors to add extraordinary realism to your race.

The windshields are made by molding the entire body in clear material and painting around them, so no more separate bulky or glued-in parts. Inside the car you’ll find realistic detail in the 3D color-printed seats, spare tires, and carburetors, and more!


Mega G Chassis

The Mega G chassis set a new standard for performance at its inception in 2007. Lower and narrower than any chassis before or since, HO bodies could finally look realistic.

With up to 8 color graphics and unprecedented detail, the Mega G dons visually stunning, show-stopping realism. The Mega G is 30% lighter than the competition with the lowest center of gravity ever seen, making it nimble and blindingly fast.

Looks and personality.  What more could you possibly want?


Mega G Features

  • Weight: Up to 30% lighter than any other HO chassis
  • Wheelbase: Narrower, longer chassis for more realistic bodies
  • Pick-Up Shoes: High conductivity phosphor bronze gets more power to the motor
  • Center of gravity: Lowest of all competitors to corner with confidence
  • Guide Pin: AFX Exclusive Extra-long tapered guide pin keeps the car on track longer
  • Ground Effects Magnets: Level 30 Neodymium – Stays glued to the track
  • Chassis Material: Unique monocoque Nylatron chassis is lighter, stronger and more flexible than all competitors
  • Precision Balanced Armature: Revs to the moon – reliably!
  • Motor Magnets: AFX Exclusive Polymer magnets are up to 20% more powerful than larger ceramic magnets


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GT40 History

Commissioned by Henry Ford, the car was designed specifically to beat Ferrari at Le Mans, in part as a pay-back after Ferrari turned down Ford’s offer to buy the famous Italian marque in 1963. Indeed, the GT40 did beat Ferrari at Le Mans in 1966, then again in 1967, ’68 and ’69, dominating endurance sports car racing over the entire period.

Checkout the Shelby American Museum website. In this sacred sanctuary resides the original #1 and #2 GT40s as they were driven by Miles/Hulme and McLaren/Amon.


GT40 #7 Drivers: Mark Donohue/Paul Hawkins

Mark Donohue was a tremendously talented American driver who, unusually, was also a degreed engineer. After winning the SCCA National Championship in 1961, he was befriended by well-known driver Walt Hansgen. Walt was highly regarded by Ford and when he recommended Donohue to them, they listened, teaming Mark and Walt in GT40s that finished 3rd at the Daytona 24 Hours and 2nd at the 12 Hours of Sebring in early 1966.

For the ’66 Le Mans, Ford paired Mark with Australian Paul Hawkins in the #4 GT40 while Walt was to be in another car. Sadly, Hansgen died while practicing for the race.

Mark and Paul didn’t fair well in the event. Though fast, the differential failed only 12 laps into the race and they were forced to retire.

Donohue would return to Le Mans in 1967 to finish 4th, co-driving with Bruce McLaren. Though this was his best Le Mans result, he would go on to win the Indy 500 and multiple Trans Am and Can Am championships.

He was killed in practice for the 1975 Austrian GP after being talked into coming out of retirement by Roger Penske. In addition to his racing record, he left a legacy of racing and automotive advancements that provide benefits to this day.

Paul went on to success in the World Sports Car Championship but died in a crash in 1969 in England.


Collector Series Packaging

Each Collector Series Car package has a 9 digit code showing the time of production and the incremental number within the production run. For example: 1107-00001 means it was produced in the 11th month of 2007 and was the first package in the run.

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