New, Much larger Warehouse!

It was just time to get the *%!@ out of California It was a bunch of work but finally, we are in our new warehouse in Reno, Nevada. More than 3 times the size of the one we left in California, now we have more space to keep more inventory to let us grow. Turns [...]

New Kastleburg Photos Up

Are you "sure" that's not real? Jehosaphat!! That Tom Druckenmiller builds a beautiful HO track! So a while back he tells me that he had gotten bored with his Kastelburg track and had added some new features. Well, that's just the kind of excuse we need to drive on out and see. So that's what [...]

They’re baaaack

Just when you thought it was safe . . . Well, it's been a long, very busy year. And between moving the company and ourselves to another state and some other time-consuming issues, we've done a pretty poor job of keeping up on the site. Shame on me! But we're back and determined to do [...]

Guess What We Found…

Old stuff and overstocks from our closet! So we did an inventory not too long ago and turned up a bunch of stuff we didn't know we had or had just plain forgotten about. Either way, our customers are the winners since we've decided to start putting them up on the "Blow Outs" page to [...]

Look Out – New Stuff is Comin’!!

Get ready for cool set upgrades first . . . This is going to be a big year for new products. And the sets are coming first! In the next 3 weeks, we get the new Giant, Big Block Battler, and Infinity sets. All with Tri-Power Packs!! And the Giant gets Mega-G cars to boot! [...]

Super International Almost Here!

Top selling set getting closer . . . We know you've been waiting for us to get the super popular Super International set back in stock. Well, it's almost here. And wait until you see it! Not only is there a cool new look to the box, but the cars have gotten a serious upgrade: [...]

“Filipinetti” Coupe Re-issued in CLEAR

Popular red Cobra comes back stronger than ever. AFX has released a new, more richly detailed issue of their popular #59 Cobra Daytona Coupe. The car, raced by Scuderia Filipinetti at the 1964 Le Mans, has been a perennial favorite since its introduction over 5 years ago. And after the original car was discontinued last [...]

First All CLEAR Set from AFX

Two new cars on new chassis - and more! The Ford GT40 and Chaparral 2D fight it out again as they did at Le Mans in 1966. The new Super Coupes set features these two classics mounted on the new Mega-G 1.5 chassis to make tons of fun in a small package. Other firsts include [...]

Brand New “Mega-G”

The Lightest, Fastest, Most Realistic Production HO Slot Cars Ever Made. Period. All new from the ground up, the Mega-G chassis makes it possible to create stunning bodies that take realism to levels never before seen in HO scale. With the longest wheelbase in HO and the lowest, narrowest chassis ever made, our designers are [...]


So You Thought 1/64th Scale Couldn't Get Any More Realistic . . Now, AFX introduces Collector Series - CLEAR. Cars that feature clear windshields and detailed interiors. You'll be amazed at the difference it makes. And only AFX has it! AFX achieves this by molding the body in clear material and then painting over everything [...]
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